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Through My Eyes, Through My Heart


I suck at writing. But I’m going to write my thoughts anyway, particularly about my painting. When I paint, I listen to the same classical music playlist. I can’t stand for long periods now because I have bone spurs in both heels, so I have to paint while sitting on a high chair. The main point I want to share is the feeling I get when I sit back on that highchair and see how beautiful the painting becomes. I’m a self-taught artist, and I never thought in a million years I’d be painting. Let alone with oil paints.

 Ever since I laid my eyes on Impressionism paintings, I fell in love, especially with Claude Monet’s way of painting water lilies. I have much respect and honor for other Impressionist masters like Renoir, Degas, Pissarro, Boudin, and Van Gogh (even though he was ahead of his time). I’ve been painting for almost two years now. I used to go to the North Shore and try to paint en-plein air. And even though I was getting better, I wasn’t achieving the look I wanted—until now.

 It’s been months of trial and error, spending lots of money on canvases and different brands of paint. I felt that I needed many colors when in reality, I could make a beautiful painting with only eight colors.

 I wish the world could see through my eyes and feel through my heart when I look at the colors coming together like that of Monet. It is the greatest high. I would always ask myself; will I ever truly master something like this? But I still have lots to learn and many more paintings to explore. What is my natural style? Van Gogh had the starry night, Monet had his water lilies, Boudin had his seascapes, and Sargent had his loose way of painting detail with no detail at all. But what originality will I bring one day?

 I’m happy that I’m finally starting to get it. I even have a picture of Claude Monet on my easel. I hope he’s proud of my brushstrokes. But, boy, what I would give to watch him paint in front of me to learn his ways. Instead, I find myself in museums staring at his paintings up close and studying them hard—every layer. Even at home I’ll download high-resolution pictures of his paintings and stare for what seems for hours.

 I wish I could hold the world in my eyes to see what I see, the colors, the progress, to hear the classical music notes as I brush some color on the canvas. It’s amazing! I never thought I’d accomplish this much in such a short period. But thank God I kept at it. I feel like I did it!

 And I hope Monet would be proud :).


Bonifacio Luna
May 12, 2022

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